Projects / Dual Purpose Siteworks in Canning Town

Redstart was retained by Praedius to prepare the Canning Town Site for redevelopment of a high rise tower block and data centre.

Redstart completed initial phases of geo-environmental consultancy including a desk study, retaining wall anchor investigation and two phases ground investigation and was also commissioned to prepared a remediation strategy. Prior to commencement of enabling works, Redstart obtained all relevant permits for work and managed the MMP. Decommissioning works included removing relict structures, cleaning of interceptors, removal asbestos from the existing building and demolition of the structures. Other preparatory works including grubbing up of substantial footings, contamination management, generating a contraction platform, protection of service tunnels, removal of asbestos and free-phase product, processing of oversize concrete to produce a recycled aggregate and surrender of the site’s environmental permit.


Key information

Service / Remediation /Geo-Environmental Consulting /Demolition

Project / Dual Purpose Siteworks in Canning Town

Location / Canning Town, London