Projects / Former Residential Site with Potential Shallow Mine Workings

Redstart were retained to undertake Investigation and Risk Assessment works Followed by phased remediation.

Redstart was retained to undertake a review of existing ground investigation information followed by the design and implementation of further investigation works. The investigation works were designed to assess the risks posed to human health of future land users and risks posed by potential shallow mine workings. Following investigation and risk assessments, remediation strategies were produced and accepted by the Local Authority and Coal Authority. Redstart were then retained to undertake the shallow mine workings remediation and enabling works. The works were completed under difficult prevailing weather conditions and tight site constraints with regulatory approval following works validation reporting.


Site clearance operations (Vegetation Strip);
Excavation and removal from site of identified Invasive Species and verified placement of root barriers;
Mine working investigation, treatment and reporting works;
Excavation and removal of below ground constraints to construction;
Excavation of unsuitable materials where required beneath plots with re-engineering of suitable materials to required levels;
Processing and geotechnical laboratory compliance testing of recycled aggregates;
Management of environmental issues and nuisance control;
Geotechnical testing of capping materials to confirm geotechnical engineering specification achieved;
Surveying of remediation finished levels and geotechnical testing locations

Key information

Service / Geo-Environmental Consulting /Remediation

Project / Former Residential Site with Potential Shallow Mine Workings

Location / Werneth, Oldham