Projects / Former Scrap Metal Yard, Site Investigation

A phased ground investigation was required to assess contaminated land and locate historical mine shafts.

A historical commercial/industrial site was planned for residential redevelopment. Redstart Northwest was retained to undertake a detailed intrusive investigation of the site to assess feasibility for the change of land use. The investigation included Window Sampling, Trial Pitting and completion of Cable Percussive boreholes to obtain representative samples of the underlying soils and groundwater for the chemical and geotechnical assessment required to produce a regulator approved remediation strategy. Rotary probe holes were also drilled to assess former mine workings and the effect of mine workings on proposed development.


Redstart Northwest agreed a scope of works with the regulatory authorities. The investigations were submitted with the planning application and subsequently further phases were undertaken to discharge pre-development planning conditions. The site was operational during the initial phases of the investigation and all trial holes had to be re-instated. Permissions were sought from the coal authority to investigate mine shafts. Over 500 hundred rotary holes were drilled which confirmed the shafts were not located onsite which increased the net developable area for the land owner.

Key information

Service / Geo-Environmental Consulting

Project / Former Scrap Metal Yard, Site Investigation

Location / Park Hall Road, Stoke