Projects / Former Iron and Electrical Engineering Works

Redstart were retained to undertake sustainable remediation and enabling works

The proposed development area is made up of a single 2Ha parcel of land and forms the final stage of the Cromwell road housing development. The site was formerly occupied by the Mersey Iron Works and electrical engineering works until demolition to slab level in the early 2010s. Significant underground structures were identified, excavated and processed during the works. Careful materials management and re-engineering was required to prepare the site for a housing re-development. The works were completed on time with minimal materials requiring disposal. Redstart prepared detailed plans of the works and a remediation contractors completion report detailing the works undertaken.


Site clearance operations (limited vegetation strip);
Excavation, delineation, validated removal and placement of identified ‘hotspot’s material (undertaken by independent geo-environmental consultant);
Excavation and removal of below ground constraints to construction;
Processing and geotechnical laboratory compliance testing of recycled aggregates;
Protection of existing underground services;
Excavation of unsuitable materials where required beneath plots with re-engineering of suitable materials to required levels;
Placement of recycled aggregates to form plot development levels prior to installation of vibro stone columns;
Placement of suitable materials to form temporary working platforms (Pile Mat), road formation and shared drives/car-parking/compound areas where required;
Wider cut/fill works and stockpiling of approx. 500m3 clean validated sub-soils from naturally occurring imported soils;
Management of environmental issues and nuisance control;
Geotechnical testing of up-fill and capping materials to confirm geotechnical engineering specification achieved;
Final trimming and shaping to remediation finished levels;
Surveying of remediation finished levels and geotechnical testing locations; and
Production of remediation level, As-Built and testing location plans.

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Service / Remediation /Demolition /Geo-Environmental Consulting

Project / Former Iron and Electrical Engineering Works

Location / Ellesmere Port, Cheshire