Services / Demolition

Demolition is often undertaken ahead of remediation works. By including the demolition within the remediation works package redstart can bring added value to the site development process. Redstart understands the development process and what materials will be required in the enabling works phase. When redstart complete demolition work, we carefully control the material management process to ensure it is completed in the most sustainable way with consideration of the materials requirements for later stages of the project. This planned project thinking delivers project cost savings.

Redstart can complete all your remediation demolition requirements. This includes demolition of all above ground structures and removal of all subsurface structures that can present a constraint to construction if not removed.

Asbestos Surveying & Removal

On your behalf we can undertake pre-demolition asbestos surveys and asbestos removal. We can also manage and advise on asbestos within soils.


Redstart can complete site clearance, safely undertake demolition of buildings and prepare the ground in readiness of construction ensuring the right quantity of materials are processed and made available in stockpiles. We can arrange the submission of demolition notices with the local authority.

Tank Decommissioning

Redstart offers specialist tank decommissioning works including cleaning and decommissioning of fuel tanks and dismantling and disposal of insulated cryogenic vacuum vessels.

Removal of Underground Tanks

Redstart has expertise in the removal of below ground redundant fuel tanks, fuel distribution apparatus and relict drainage.