Services / Geo-Environmental Consulting

Redstart technical team include a Specialist in Land Condition (SiLC), Chartered Geologists, Scientists and Environmentalists who are experts in the assessment and treatment of land contamination.

Redstart also offer CL:AIRE Qualified Persons (QP) service for the approval of materials management plans and a Suitably Qualified and experienced Person (SQP) under the The National Quality Mark Scheme for Land Contamination Management (NQMS). Redstart can provide you with all the necessary desk top and site-based ground investigation to assess site conditions and fulfil planning requirements.

Redstart provides a range of geo-environmental services in relation to the investigation of ground for redevelopment. Our consulting services include, but are not limited to:-

Desk Study

A Desk Study is usually required ahead of intrusive ground investigation works to inform and plan the intrusive works.

Feasibility Assessment

We advise on land condition and undertake pre-purchase and divestment feasibility assessments on behalf of land purchasers, buyers and land agents.

Regulatory Liaison

We deliver our technical reports through collaboration with key stake holders instigating early engagement with the regulatory authorities. This process ensures timely decisions are made and that investigations are designed to capture all relevant information first time. This process is especially important for remediation works where any changes to meet regulator requirements can be costly.

Ground Investigations

We can undertake contaminated land investigations and geotechnical investigations which may take the form of borehole drilling or trial pitting. We can sample the soils and submit them for chemical analysis. We can install monitoring equipment for the assessment of groundwater quality and ground gas.


Redstart can assess the potential for historical mining and if present whether it will affect the redevelopment process. We can assist with any drilling and grouting works and shaft capping.

Ground Gas

We are experienced in undertaking monitoring and assessment of ground gases including methane & carbon dioxide. We can design and advise on requirements for gas protection measures.

DQRA Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment

We can undertake risk assessments using commercially available risk modelling packages to determine risk to human health and controlled waters. We can also generate site specific remediation targets.

Remediation Strategies

We design and prepare remediation strategies to address risk and remediate sites. Our cost effective strategies consider the whole project life cycle.

Remediation Verification

We prepare remediation validation reports for submission to the regulatory authorities. We can also help discharge NHBC conditions and enable Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) lending approval for soil validations and gas protection verification.

Expert Witness

Redstart has provided specialist advice to the legal services in relation to contaminated land and property values affected by contamination. Redstart also succeeded in a claim against the Coal Authority in relation to historical mine workings.

NQMS for Land Contamination Management

The National Quality Mark Scheme for Land Contamination Management (NQMS) is a scheme that has been developed by the National Brownfield Forum (formerly known as Land Forum) to provide visible identification of documents that have been checked for quality by a Suitably Qualified and experienced Person (SQP). It will provide increased confidence and improved quality of submissions made under regulatory regimes, particularly planning applications, related to previously used land.