Danger UXO!

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We are not talking about the hit 1979 daytime TV drama here either!

Remediation isn’t ‘Dull’, it can be quite hairy if it’s your 1st experience with anything UXO related.

Redstart is experienced in the protocols required for managing unexpected UXOs and coordinating the emergency services when they’re discovered.

Our first contact was in 2017 on a site in the Northwest, it’s the picture of the one measuring 1ft in diameter and 5ft long , as you can imagine the local bomb squad were extremely excited along with the emergency services, obviously the surrounding residents and businesses were less so.

The more recent contacts were on a site in London less dramatic in size but still potentially deadly. However, thanks to a Detailed UXO Risk Assessment we had commissioned ahead of our remediation works, we were fully prepared and had all the necessary precautions in place.

We were prepared for the expected in London though, with all the necessary precautions in place thanks to the Detailed UXO Risk Assessment we had commissioned ahead of our site investigation reporting and subsequent remediation works.

We’re happy to help with any queries you have if you have land with the potential risk of UXOs.

**In case you have any concerns, all pictures shown here are post Bomb Squad & emergency services attendance.**

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