Projects / Former Cotton Mill

Remediation and Demolition works at a Former Cotton Mill.


Redstart Northwest were retained by Countryside Properties to undertake remediation and enabling works and prepare a completion report for a residential development comprising 80No. low rise residential dwellings with associated driveways and garden areas, estate roads and infrastructure.


The site historically comprised 1.87Ha of mill complex that was subject to extensive demolition towards the end of 2015. The majority of hardstandings were removed from site. All footings, sub-surface structures and water reservoir remained on site. Redstart completed a programme of site enabling, remediation and engineering works. These works were planned to sort and process site won and imported materials in order to create the required development platform and render the site suitable for the proposed development.

Key information

Service / Remediation /Demolition

Project / Former Cotton Mill

Location / Oldham, Greater Manchester

Remediation Works

Site clearance operations;
Identification, isolation and treatment of invasive plants;
Excavation, removal and processing of all below ground structures to remove constraints to construction;
Delineation, excavation and validation of identified contamination hotspots (Historical Diesel Range Hydrocarbon and Naphthalene);
Environment and Nuisance Control.

Enabling Works

Preparation of the site for vibro and driven piled foundation solutions;
Placement of pile mats on plot footprints;
Placement of capping to roads and pavements; and
Placement of capping to private drives.
Geotechnical testing to confirm compaction specification achieved;
Chemical validation of materials to confirm suitability; and
Final trimming and shaping to finished levels.