Projects / Former Oaklands House and gardens

Redstart were retained to undertake the remediation and enabling works of a 4 ha site prior to residential re-development

Redstart was retained to undertake remediation and enabling works in preparation for the construction of a residential development comprising 138No. low rise residential dwellings with associated gardens, estate roads and infrastructure. The works involved the large scale re-use of existing materials to create a development platform. The works were completed under the auspices of a QP approved, DoWCoP compliant Materials Management Plan. All materials were successfully re-used on site and re-engineered to achieve the required geotechnical parameters


Site clearance operations (tree clearance and vegetation strip);
Excavation and placement at depth of identified Field Horse Tail impacted soils;
Excavation, delineation and validated removal of identified ‘Hotspots’ (under supervision from independent geo-environmental consultant);
Screening, stockpiling and compliance testing of 2,500m3 clean validated top-soils and 2,000m3 sub-soils from naturally occurring and shallow soils;
Excavation and removal of below ground constraints to construction;
Excavation of geo-technically unsuitable or high organic content materials where required from beneath plots with re-engineering of suitable materials to required levels;
Placement of high organic content materials in suitable locations;
Protection of existing underground services;
Management of environmental issues and nuisance control including Asbestos Air Monitoring;
Preparation of the site for VSC foundation solutions;
Importation and placement of suitable recycled aggregates to form temporary working platforms (Pile Mat), and road formation as required;
Geotechnical testing of re-engineered materials to confirm geotechnical engineering specification achieved;
Final trimming and shaping to remediation finished levels;
Surveying of remediation finished levels and geotechnical testing locations; and
Production of As-Build drawings and location plans.

Key information

Service / Geo-Environmental Consulting /Remediation

Project / Former Oaklands House and gardens

Location / Wharton Green, Winsford