Projects / Asbestos removal and verification works.

Redstart managed the delineation and removal of Asbestos Containing Material and undertook verification works.

Asbestos was encountered within soils on a site operated for commercial use. Redstart attended site, carefully excavated soils to expose Asbestos and then removed all visible asbestos from the soil. The impacted soils were then placed back into a surveyed area and contained beneath a geotextile and engineered cover system.


Redstart liaised with the local authority Environmental Health Officer (EHO) to prepare a regulator approved remediation strategy. The work was then let on a fixed price basis with Redstart bearing the risk associated with estimating the quantities of material for disposal. The EHO attended site during the works and signed off the completion report once the validation testing had been undertaken.

Key information

Service / Remediation /Geo-Environmental Consulting

Project / Asbestos removal and verification works.

Location / Rochdale